Friday, September 16, 2005

Gruesomestein's Monsters

I just got an email today from Mark Ackland. He's just put up a blog dedicated to his show "Gruesomestein's Monsters". Both he and Riccardo Durante directed the show, and it aired as part of a series of shorts on Nelvana's FunPack earlier this year, on YTV. Not only did it showcase some fantastic design theory, the content was super funny as well.

Unfortunately Nelvana, in it's bad judgement, hasnt picked up the show. In posting the development work on the new blog, Mark's hoping to create enough buzz that maybe it will one day be made into a series.

So please, pop a squat in front of Gruesomestein's, and if you like it, pass along the word to your friends. Let's help keep the show alive!!


Pusha V said...

Yo I did not know that you had a blog. I saw your work on the Shane Glines forum for years. Keep up the good work.

Rånny said...

ouh, it is an honor for you to have dropped by my newly created blog, i've enjoyed your artwork ever since i found the drawing board :-) Definitely a favorite! I hope you don't mind me adding you to my favorite sketchblogs, looking forward to your posts (: - rånny

SteveLambe said...

Thanks for the kind words,guys. This blog is still pretty new. It's tons of fun.

Rany: I stumbled across your site last week. Loved how you handled the cleanup on the wolf boy! I've returned the favor on your linkage ;)

PushaV: I've seen your stuff on the board. Very nice. Didnt know you had a blog either. many great sites these days.

Pusha V said...

Yeah I had a blog for a while now but I never really put it out there. I like blogging now because you do not really have to do a major update like on a website.