Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year Resolutions...

It's a whole new year and with that, comes time to reflect on future aspirations. Here are 25 random things that are rolling around in my head...not necessarily only for just this year, but in years to come.

1) to make more so that I can work less. Wishful thinking?
2) to spend time studying and practising the techniques of the masterful artists I really enjoy.
3) to stop drinking energy drinks (I am a red bull/ yellow vitamin water addict)
4) to learn to tie a tie.
5) to stop spending all my spare time looking at art (books, blogs, dvds,prints, etc) and start creating some instead.
6) to create thoughtful gifts for my wife instead of buying them.
7) to get exercise other than moving around my arm.
8) to learn to sketch in a sketchbook instead of on post-it notes.
9) to really get to know people in my family as individuals instead of as just siblings/parents.
10) to start my own family.
11) Apply to a major feature studio.
12) Take a painting class so that I can learn to paint with real light and volume instead of graphic cheats.
13) Find a non-art related hobby.
14) Wear sunscreen at the beach. Ghosts don't tan, they just go lobstery red.
15) Recognize the positives of my work instead of only seeing the negatives.
16) to go for a walk with my wife each night after work. I always feel much better when I do.
17) to buy a motorcycle, learn to drive it and then go on a roadtrip from California to Nova Scotia.
18) Reconnect with friends lost over the many years.
19) Set aside one week of vacation and travel to an exotic destination each year.
20) Get a greencard.
21) Watch a movie for pure enjoyment instead of analysing it for it's faults.
22) Increase my word power.
23) To buy a good camera and take a photography course.
24) to create my own "art of" book.....and actually be proud of it.
25) to crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentation of the women (I might have stolen this one from Conan.)

Happy New Year, Everyone!!


rowen26 said...

I can help with #4!

Happy New Year!

Chris Battle said...

I only disagree with #8 ;)

Happy 2009, pal!

Jon McNally said...

I can appreciate the sentiment in No. 9, Steve. Best wishes for the new year.

Blammo said...

I only have one resolution....To visit "Lambeys Log" more often for insightful ideas, Great art and spirit!
Happy New Year Buddy!

It is nice to see a blog where great art is mixed with unabashed humility and thoughtful ideas about how to grow as an Artist and as a Person;)

P.S You don't have any enemies;)

Sidney said...

That our honor!
I am a fan of his work a long time, wonderful style.

Jorge R. Gutierrez said...

You are wise.

Mick said...

well to tell the truth i find your unabashed humility sickening (and so would conan). Good luck with that list you poor misguided sausage

Owen Flanagan said...

I hope you do get around to #24, I would certainly buy an art of by you Steve.

Drazen said...

Happy New Year Steve!
I hope you ride a giant hog this year.

RAWLS said...

I agree with 14... I've seen you go all 'lobstery red'. Not a fun sight.
Happy New Years Slamby!!! A hug to you and the Misses.

Mukpuddy said...

Happy New Year dude!!

*daisy said...

hey, #25 is my new years resolution EVERY year. It's worked out for me so far....
; )

happy new year!! : D

bjsblog said...

hey steve,

this is a great list, man. happy new year.


Dagan Moriarty said...

Happy New Year, Steve!

This is a GREAT and thoughtful list...
very inspiring, actually. :)

Good luck in 09', amigo!

RobotSoda said...

steve have a great 09 buddy.
thanks for stopping by my blog :) i've been following yours for a while it's been a great source of inspiration :)

Ko - Ekaterina said...

Many of these resolutions would be good for me too. Such as, stop looking at other people's art all the time and make more of my own. :) But looking at art can actually make you do more, when you find something that's inspiring!

WIL BRANCA said...


Good luck with ALL that!

Happy '09, Steve!

Tony Mora said...

Dang, I only made several and hope to follow through with them.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

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