Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Lowell Hess website

I just discovered that one of my favorite illustrators, Lowell Hess, has a new website. It's jam packed with amazing illustrations, pop-ups, and incredible wood carvings. Please check it out, and if you like the work as much as I do, then feel free to leave him a note saying so.

P.S. if you'd like to see even more of his work, then check out Shane Glines's Cartoon Retro website. Shane's collected and restored loads of vintage Lowell Hess artwork (plus many others).


Lindsay said...
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cartoonretro said...

Great stuff- I love the tennis girls!
Thanks for the plug, Steve!

RAWLS said...

Great link Slambo!!

Brandon said...

Wow thanks for the link on Lowell Hess. I just assumed he was dead!

Anonymous said...

Lowell just passed away December 17, 2014. He loved hearing about comments made on his work from the internet. Thank you for this site!