Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!! Christmas was good. Lots of late sleeping , over-eating, and movie watching took place. My wife gave me lots of great presents, the best of all being this highly recommended little diddy:

Loaded with great Golden books history, behind the scenes stories, and oh yeah....AMAZING artwork.

To commemorate the new year, here's some recent freelance. I dropped out a lot of the text that was in the finals since artists hates them some readin'.

Hope you all enjoy and cheers to an exciting 2008!!


pumml said...

These are really great images, but MAN, that apple tree and snake one rocks ass! It has a definite Blair vibe, but is all you. And thanks for the book recommendation. Ordered. I'm a sucker for Golden Books!

Mick said...

wonderful... I really went nuts for the tree and snake. Nice one fella

RAWLS said...

Awwww...those are adorable. adorable in fact, that I puked!! (The great art also probably had something to do with it!) Drop me a line Slambo and let me know what yer up to these days...I have something cool to tell you!!!

Chris Battle said...

Had no idea about that book.... thanks for the tip off!

Dee C.K. said...

hey Steve!
Those turned out great! Seeee...;)
Love the snake one and the girl painting. Good stuff!
Book sounds cool too~_@
Tell Sue hi for me!

stranded said...

hello!! beautiful work you have here in your blog!! Love your style and colours! amazing! congratulations!!!

Jamal O said...

Hey steve. I'm curious did you work on some designs for HASBRO's LPS?

Some of the work here looks familiar.

Great work also

Give me a holla about that

SteveLambe said...

Hey Jamal! Is it the "My Little Pony "series you're asking about? I was asked to do some development on it, but had to drop out because of the timing with other projects. It's too bad though because I did have some really cool ideas to try out.

It might have been Jeremiah Alcorn or Paul Watling's work you saw? I know those guys did some work for them as well.

Shellie K said...

What is this for? its awesome !

Mukpuddy said...

Holy crap I didn't even know that book existed dude!! Love this freelance stuff man!!!

Bill Ferguson said...

Great work! Love your style.

Fabio Lai said...

>Christmas was good. Lots of late sleeping , over-eating, and movie watching took place.

Eh eh, the better way spending Christmas holidays :D

Great works in your blog, i love the design and the simple color palette of your characters.

Jamal O said...

Hey steve,

Yeah I'm pretty sure it had to be you. I was impressed with the design and direction which I instantly recognized here on your christmas post.

It was for My littlest pet shop actually.

shame you had to drop out.

Either way Nice work!

Chris Garbutt said...

Hey Steve, thanks for stopping by my blog.
Love your work, it's always worth a daily visit.