Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Day of the Dead Pt.2

Well, the show's come and gone. Thanks to all who came by to check out all the artwork and have margueritas. One of my pieces was sold, so I was pretty happy. Thanks, Rich!

Here are the pieces that that I created for the show. Hope you guys like em!

And now for my cool news!


* druuummmmmrolllllllll*

I've opened up a new blog called Lambey's Lot!

I get a lot of email asking if I ever thought of doing prints of some of my stuff. Well I gave it some thought and decided to give it a go. My new goal is to create a new piece each month, that I'll showcase here, and if anyone is interested in owning a copy, they can pop over to the new "Lambey's Lot" store.

Each illustration will be professionally printed on heavy 100% cotton rag archival stock and uses an 8-color printing process. Very similar to the quality of a giclee print. Any orders I recieve will be handled through payal, and then I'll ship them out in large, flat, unbendable envelopes. I hate rolled up posters :)

The two I just posted from the show are available for purchase on the new blog, but will be a limited run of 10. Any new illustrations after these, will mostly likely be an open edition though.

Oh and I know a few of you have expressed interest in some of my older work. If you have a paticular piece in mind, drop me an email. Provided that I have enough interest and a high rez copy, I'll put that illustration up for sale in the store as well.

Thanks guys, and hope you enjoy the new store!



Chris Battle said...

Awesome news! ...and so reasonably priced. I gotta look thru yer old stuff and make a "request"!

Thanks for the 11th hour save... couldn't have made the show without ya! Was great seeing your stuff in large, framed format. KICK ASS!

ridd1 said...

unbelievably cool stuff! and great idea for your new blog. you're going to make a killing.

Todd Kauffman said...

wow....that's like cool

Simon said...

Absolutely wonderful stuff! Especially the mariachis one, lovely design there. My new desktop wallpaper!

I like the store idea too, I reckon it'll be a big success.

Mukpuddy said...

Dude, this is awesome news!!! Good luck for it bro it's a really good idea!
I'll be getting one for sure!!! Both of these are freakin rad, so it's gonna be a hard choice!!!

Thanks also for your comment on my paintings dude, if you want a hulk one I'll totally do one for ya!!


Mukpuddy said...

Forgot to ask ya if theres any chance we can see some of the other work that was on display?

Eric "The Gute" Gonzalez said...

Just saw the show, very very awesome!!

Jav said...

You sneak you! So thats what uv been up to... These are frightfully delicious!

tirui said...

just found out about your blog...
love it! great stuff!

.:ChAOSBOY:. said...

these illustration are awesome! I like very mutch the first one. Compliments!!

Alina Chau said...

These are BEAUTIFUL!!

Dan Segarra said...

Nice man!

The trailer to the show a couple posts down looks great too. Are you able to post any of the work you designed from the show on here? That would be AWESOME to see.

Tancredo said...

Hey Steve, very nice. Please, post the pencils and sketches of this two pieces. Thanks.

Dee C.K. said...

This is awesome news Steve! A store is a great idea for your stuff! It's nice to see it all together like that! :)
Congrats on your grand opening! heheee...

Maly Siri said...

i luv the bus stop image!

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