Sunday, November 06, 2005

Character Design Blog

Hey guys,

I just finished up an interview for the character design blog. My thanks to Randel for asking me to participate in such a great website. Anyone interested can check it out here:

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, my computer died this week. I hope to have it back soon.


Kyle Jones said...

awesome! I really like that site and im glad you got featured!

Kactiguy said...

Great interview my friend. It explains so much. Keep on doing what you're doing..

sean said...

great interview man. You really have done a lot in the past 4 years and, yes, you do have a signature Lambe style that just keeps on growin'.

I have to go armwrestle Sue now to wind the biggest fan award.

Congrats Steve.

Brianne said...

Congrats! That is a way cool blog, and now it's even cooler. It's neat to see where everyone got their start and what their influences are.

Dave Pryor said...

Hey buddy,

Very well thought out, humble, and inspirational.

I agree that your style, although inspired by several people, has taken on it's own look. In many ways I believe you are surpassing the learned techniques and keep taking things to the next level with your own ideas.

Keep it up man!


Uloo said...

What a great read! Many informative, stirring bits and it's fun to see all that great work of yours clustered. Was pleased by the "Toot, Whistle, Plunk, Boom" reference. I often think about that film, though I haven't seen it in many, many years. Thanks, too, for the plug, you kind fellow.

Todd Kauffman said...

Sweet - nice to get some insight on one of my favorite artists - thx for the credit btw, means alot to me.

Uncle Phil said...

well done on the interview steve. Made me think about being a freshman in college and stumbling upon the old drawing board. Ahh the good ol days.

Anonymous said...

he he he....

congrats steve-o-man! I guess I'll soon be seeing your drawings and designs on Cartoon Network, billboard ads, tv commercials, feature's just a few steps away canada!


dcmackinlay said...

Waitasecond! So... You're from Newfoundland?!? Oh, MAN! If I'd known then what I know now, things would be VERY different, Mr. Lambe.

Nice interview, though.

Sandra Khoo said...

U have some real inspiring works here! Gonna add u to my watch,and I do hope that u'll post some more! ^^

Jav said...

Now everyone can learn the right way to draw!
Keep it up know it all!
Sorry, I just know how much ya hate that ;)

SteveLambe said...

Thanks for the support guys!! Glad to hear you didnt fall asleep reading the interview. ;)

It was actually a really fun exercise to try and put your thought process down on paper. It even helped me to think a little clearer about the whole thing.

Anyhow..I hope it was worth reading.

Jared Deal said...

great interview steve!!! thanx for the mention. keep on rockin' it!

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie,

I think you did a great job with your interview. I know better than anyone how hard you work and I am so proud of everything that you have accomplished. I believe that this is just the beginning for you and that life has many more great things in store for you. I promise to always be here for you and support you in any way that I can.

Love you,


SteveLambe said...

Awww.....ain't she a doll,folks!! You'll never find a girl more loving and supportive. God knows she'd have to be an angel to put up with smoe like me.

Loves ya, cutie!