Saturday, October 08, 2011

Kung Fu Panda: Scorpion

A sneak peek of Nick's "Kung Fu Panda and the Legend of Awesomeness" aired a few weeks ago and I hear Scorpion was the featured character, so I'm thinking it's ok now to post up a few of her designs.

Awhile back, I was fortunate enough to do some freelance design on KFP. The assignment was to design two of the characters that were part of the evil version of the Furious Five. As everyone knows, Nico Marlett is a master designer, and an incredibly tough act to follow, so although I was pretty excited and honored to be able to help out, it was a daunting task. The first character we tackled was Scorpion. Here are some of the designs I submitted.

A few head explorations. She was supposed to be a duplicitous deceptive character, so the idea of multiple eyes was played around with.
In the end, I'm not sure if any of these got used for the final character in the show, but I had a great time playing around with her design. Once a few more of the episodes air, I'll post up some of the designs from the other character I got the chance to work on. Thanks for swinging by!


Owen Flanagan said...

Excellent designs Steve,the details on them are brilliant.

jeffDraws said...

Awesome work Steve these look awesome man can't wait to see more of them as you post them keep up the awesome work man :D

Chris Battle said...


Anonymous said...

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Fotograf Raluca said...

Mi-au placut foarte tare desenele tale. Esti foarte talentat. Felicitari si succes in continuare !

Anonymous said...

Absolutely mind blowing work. Perfect shapes and lines. Good Luck.

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Taylor Krahenbuhl said...

Fantastic designs! I love your shape making skills.

Admin said...

its nice that you worked with a master designer. only few people get a chance to work with them.


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